Sofia Richie's HIIT Workout Routine. Ideal to get six-pack abs

Here we share with you a complete HIIT training routine, based on the exercises performed by Sofia Richie, for the Females model, ideal to get 0-6 abs pack.

The famous model, Sofia Richie, looks great in abs and many of her Instagram fans were wondering what was the secret to getting the famous "0-6 pack abs."

Sofia Richie's HIIT Workout Routine 

Sofia Richie decided to share on her Instagram account, the exercises that are part of her workout routine. High-intensity HIIT training, soul cycle, and an instructor, that's the magic behind her toned figure.

HITT training to get 0-6 abs pack

The model shared months ago in her stories a high-intensity workout with her instructor Kevin Mejia, so all her followers can replicate this strength training and show off their square bellies.

Sofia Richie's HIIT Workout Routine 

What do we need to start training?

This routine is so easy, we can perform it anywhere, even at home with a few materials. Sofia Richie does strength exercises, with many repetitions in which her body weight is the only thing she needs.

Sofia Richie's HIIT Workout Routine for Females ideal to get 0-6 abs pack

In addition, the model includes other exercises to strengthen the legs, such as squats, and of course, she exercises the arm muscles with some dumbbells.

Sofia Richie's HIIT Workout Routine is ideal to get 0-6 pack abs is a good choice for you if you are looking for a routine that will help you score your abs while enjoying the benefits of exercise for you.

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