Salma Hayek reveals her secrets to staying radiant at 54 years old

The Mexican actress has confessed that she loves good food and red wine, while she isn’t a very fan of working out. How does she manage to keep her spectacular shape?

Salma Hayek lives in France with her husband Francois-Henri Pinault and their daughter Valentina, but she travels a lot and she usually moves to Los Angeles while shooting a film. Having this lifestyle makes it very hard for her to follow a diet or a workout routine. 

On the other hand, she’s admitted that she loves to eat tasty food with a glass of red wine. That’s why she always finds it difficult to motivate herself to stay in shape. 

I’m not naturally skinny, so I weigh myself every day to have control over my body. Therefore, I've set an alarming number, and when I reach it, I make an effort to put it in reverse.

Salma Hayek looks radiant at 54 years old // Photo: Instagram

Although she’s not very fan of working out, she tries to establish some exercise routine. In L.A. she takes pilates classes, and in France, she works out with an instructor that combines Pilates with yoga. 

In addition to this, the actress revealed that, from time to time, she does the 3-day Cleanse. This habit helps her to detox her body and skin as part of her beauty maintenance program. She explained that this process helps her to destress herself too.

The Cooler Cleanse program is like hitting the reset button.

The Cooler Cleanse program is based on several fresh juices that contain all the nutritional ingredients for a three-day diet. The juice cleansing set is composed of six drinks with a combined caloric intake of approximately 1,200 daily calories. It helps the body to eliminate all the toxins thanks to its natural ingredients: kale, lemon, cucumber, and others.

Salma is a fan of the Cooler Cleanser program.

“After doing a juice cleanse, I’m motivated to eat healthier”, claimed Salma. She reiterated that the cleansing program works like a meditation session for her. This process not only helps her to detox her body but also makes her focus on her health.

Photo: Instagram

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