Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by this "beauty towel" that prevents acne

This antibacterial towel has Rosie absolutely in love. The best part? it is only $35!

Yes, we all know that washing our towels regularly is a must and that bacteria can accumulate on the fibers, causing breakouts and other infections. But "regularly" is probably not enough.

Thankfully, the industry has thought of that and it came up with a perfect solution: luxe towels for your face and body that are antibacterial. How great is that?

Luxe towels for your face and body that are antibacterial.

These towels are called Resoré, and they caught the attention of model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In fact, she loved them so much that she signed up to be a brand ambassador.

“I cleanse and moisturize my face morning and evening. I'm a big believer in the double cleanse in the evening. I shower in the evening, so the towels have become part of my day-to-day routine,” Rosie explained. “It feels like silk without using silk in the fibers, which I think is really interesting. I love that they come in this beautiful case that you keep on your vanity or makeup drawers. The antibacterial qualities of the towel break down any bacteria or odors or germs left in your towel after using.” 

“What I love about this antimicrobial towel is that it breaks down acne-causing bacteria and protects the health of your skin. The Face Wash Cloth and The Body Towel have become new essential items in my beauty routine, ”says Whiteley.

The secret power of these towels is in the fluffy fibers.

Apparently, the secret power of these towels is in the fluffy fibers, which are plant-derived.

“It was an organic process for us. We didn't start with a grand vision for a beauty towel,” says co-founder Evah Johnson. “As we researched, we realized there was a piece missing in people's routines and that was to have a hygienic, clean towel to support healthy skin. I think people are super aware of hygiene right now and we've all had to slow down and take that extra time for self-care.”

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