Robert Downey Jr. (55) workout routine to become a superhero

As one of Hollywood´s most versatile actors, Robert Downey Jr. went through different body changes in order to become Iron Man. He´s 55 by the way.

Before becoming Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr. had an extensive career as an actor but also a very close relationship with different types of addiction. From harmful habits and all kinds of excesses, he managed to rebuild himself and change his daily habits.

Getting ready for such a physical role as a Marvel superhero requires special preparation and mentality. “When you make these action movies you don't want to be the chubby one," Downing Jr. said in an interview with Vanity Fair. Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, and the recently new member of the gang Tom Holland couldn´t be the best mates to go around with, especially when they took their shirts off.  So Chaplin´s lead character decided to change his workout routine and focus on his diet.

Robert Downey Jr. gain muscle in order to empathize with his fellow costars.

After going through rehab for his addictions (which included some quick visits to prison) he started to change his training exercises for the role of Sherlock Holmes.  He became a regular attendee to the gym, practiced kung fu and qigong, and focused on strength training.

For his role in Sherlock Holmes, he did some volume-building work with low-intensity workouts to achieve a long-lasting level of cardio and muscle. And although the main goal wasn´t to make him muscular huge he had to be in shape for the action scenes.

The main challenge, though, was to adapt these new routines to a 50-year-old man body who hadn´t been particularly athletic. With the help of a trainer, he cut down on cardio and increased the weight he was lifting. And he did all that following a diet based on consuming a huge amount of calories a day. As a result, he gained 11 kilograms of muscle. His workout routine included AB circuits, deadlifts, medicine ball work, leg bench press, pull-ups, ropework, one-handed abdominal activities, or the use of the kettlebell. On the elliptical, a crescendo rhythm was set for the cardio.

But he wouldn’t have achieved any of this if it weren´t for the strict diet. A fan of pizza, pasta, and ice cream, he realized he could eat all of that only if he would train the next morning. Today he takes better care of himself to be able to fulfill his athletic obligations and present himself as a superhero with no potbelly.

Robert Downey Jr. workout routine

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