Rebel Wilson's favorite 5-move circuit for fat loss you can easily follow

Rebel Wilson set a goal to become her healthiest self in 2020, dubbing it her 'Year of Health'. She made a commitment to get her health in check and did just that. Her transformation is epic. And today we share one of her favorite workouts!

Rebel's commitment and discipline are enviable and 2020 is truly becoming her year of health. She's famously followed the Mayr diet and committed to tough workouts, including boxing, hiking, sprinting, flipping tires, and high-intensity exercise with resistance training and LISS. 

Rebel Wilson's year of health workout

When asked about Rebel's motivation, her personal trainer, Jono Castano Acero, said

'Finding the reason as to why you're implementing this structure into your life. This could be as simple as committing to living a healthier lifestyle or having a specific goal in mind. Once you find that reason, everything else is much easier to follow.'

Rebel's favourite workout

Establishing a goal is all well and good, but what about keeping up the motivation? Well, a well-planned diet and effective workouts are the perfect combo to keep up the spirits. Jono's and Rebel's favorite circuit training is easy to follow and you can easily incorporate into your workout routine.

Rebel's exact training circuit

Jono Acero's exact go-to circuit workout for fat loss


 A five-minute power walk. 


For the first circuit do 20 reps of each exercise, then 15, then, 12, then 10, then 5, until you've completed the entire circuit five times through. 


3 minutes of 10-second sprints on the exercise bike. After each spring, ride at a slower pace for 20 seconds until 3 minutes has passed. 

Acero's best tip?

'The main benefit of training in this way is getting the body moving everyday. Regardless of what you have on, you can always put aside 45 minutes for a workout. 

Source: Women's Health

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