Nicole Kidman’s new partnership with SeraLabs

Nicole Kidman’s new partnership with the beauty brand SeraLabs

Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman has recently announced her collaboration with the company’s topical line Seratopical

Nicole will be the global brand ambassador and strategic business partner for Seratopical. This beauty and wellness brand has many incredible products such as CBD facial oil to CBD foot spray.

Nicole Kidman discovered SeraLabs when she hurt her ankle // Photo by Elnacional

"We could not be more excited by Nicole's decision to join our team," says Nancy Duitch, Sera Labs CEO and CURE Pharmaceutical Chief Strategic Officer. "We wanted to work with someone who genuinely cares about growing the business as much as we do. A person just looking to lend their name was never going to work for us. She is savvy, forward-thinking, and embodies our brand values," she adds. 

Many famous people are using CBD’s magical products these days and Kidman discovered it when she hurt her ankle. “Last year I had an ankle injury and a friend introduced me to topical CBD. I tried it out and felt the benefits immediately. Now it is something I can’t leave the house without,” she said in an interview with Forbes.

Nicole Kidman will be helping with strategic direction, product development, and product messaging in SeraLabs // Photo by Popsugar

The 53-year-old actress has already been the face of beauty brands but in the case of SeraLabs, not only will Kidman be the face of the brand but she will also play a more important and integral role for Seratopical: she will be helping with strategic direction, product development, and product messaging. Moreover, as a brand ambassador, she will recommend the best products sharing some of her experiences. 

“I’ve been really proud in the last several years to make career and business choices that my girls would look at in the future and be proud of and say, “Yep, that’s my mama!” she said.

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