Stay healthy with Miranda Kerr’s lifestyle tips!

Miranda Kerr's lifestyle and positivity tips to get through the pandemic

Staying at home has recently become the norm for a large population of the planet, as a safety measure against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this practice can have negative impacts on your mental and physical health, which is why here's some advice from supermodel Miranda Kerr on how to stay healthy and positive.

Self-care is more important than ever, with the Coronavirus pandemic looming over everyone's heads and raining on everyone's parade. There are some ways you can fight it, for the sake of your body and mental health. Here's what supermodel Miranda Kerr has to say about it!

Among the many measures she takes to make sure that staying at home won't negatively affect her family's relationships, there's saving up some time to spend together. The five members enjoy having a spontaneous picnic or dancing around the house, both pleasant and healthy activities.

Supermodel Miranda Kerr explained how spending quality family time is important to stay healthy during the pandemic // Photo: Instagram

They all try to spend time outside as well, mostly in their garden. Miranda has repeatedly confessed her love for nature, and she's happy to point out some of the advantages of staying at home: having more time to care for the garden, pick up flowers, and simply being outside with her children.

It's also important to strengthen the relationships outside your family as well. For this reason, Miranda encourages her children to video chat with their grandparents. She takes her own advice and regularly shares photos, messages, and greetings with her family and friends through social media.

Miranda Kerr contacts her loved ones on a regular basis, as a way to maintain her relationships in spite of staying at home // Photo: Instagram

The supermodel has also decided to make the most of this pandemic and enrolled in an online education course. She's highly interested in health and wellness, of course, which is why she's chosen a Stanford University class about nutrition and health.

However, that's not all: she's been reading a lot on the subject, as a way to learn outside her classes as well. When asked what she could recommend to other readers interested in wellbeing, she's quick to praise Anthony William's Cleanse to Heal book.

Miranda Kerr has been using some of her new free time on learning more about what makes her passionate: health and wellbeing // Photo: Instagram

When it comes to her skincare routine, Miranda follows it with passion. She actually waits for her morning skincare routine in anticipation. Her two-in-one mask serves as a scrub in the shower and helps her start her mornings with a refreshed skin and an awake mind, thanks to the boosting effects of peppermint.

Last but not least, Miranda hasn't neglected her workout and meditation sessions either. She wakes up at dawn every day to do a 20-minute meditation session and chooses to exercise in the afternoon. To move her body, she opts for Pilates, yoga, or ballet. She's confessed that her daily exercise plays a key role in her mental health!

Photo: Jon Kopaloff // FilmMagic

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