Makeup trends: Why all celebrities go for 60s look

Since the season began we have seen the best looks in makeup, hair, and nails, and all refer to the glorious sixties. Let's see!

Dua Lipa is becoming, look by look, a reference. In her latest post on Instagram, the singer has confirmed her status as a beauty insider by adopting some of the biggest makeup trends of fall fashion weeks, specifically the sixties eyelashes and the feline look in a pop key. But this look has been recreated by several celebrities.

1. Eyeshadows in shades of blue and turquoise with XL lashes
The color of the season, far from continuing to accompany that makeup no-makeup look, plays with total prominence in the eyes. Bold eyeshadows, in shades of turquoise, blue, light blue, and lilac, accompanied by extra-long lashes and cat lines to give that sixties touch.

2. Smokey eyes in grays and outlined lips
This type of look recalls the makeup of Brigitte Bardot. Super pink cheeks, smokey eyes in shades of gray and champagne to give depth, Twiggy lashes and lips outlined in a shade darker than our lips.

3. Pastel eyeshadows and colored cat-eye liner
A makeup look worn by Jane Birkin is now present in the most daring makeup of Kylie Jenner. The eyeshadows have the same range as the eyeliner. In this case, Kylie wears an eyeshadow in yellow tones with a red cat-eye outline, ultra-bold eyelashes, super pink cheeks, and lips outlined in a nude tone.

4. Bubblegum pink lips and cat-eye liner
A look from the late fifties and early sixties, this makeup is a little more subtle than the others Katy Perry was seen rocking on American Idol. Matte bubblegum pink lips accompanied by a black cat-eye and Twiggy lashes. The sixties are more present than ever.

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