All you need to know about Lucy Boynton's self-care routine

Lucy Boynton simple self-care routine and her focus on well-being

The British actress Lucy Boynton explained how her self-care routine changed when she went from filming TV shows and movies to being on lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Her approach to self-care is focused on wellbeing and her own happiness. Here are some products she uses and other advice!

In a time when mental health can be easily challenged and uncertainty is the norm, skincare and other branches of the cosmetics industry has shifted towards self-care and introspection. Lucy Boyton's approach is no different: she's said her perspective changed from an aesthetic result towards well-being.

Even though the actress already had uncomplicated skincare and makeup routines before lockdown, she's simplified them even more during it. She explained how important self-care was for her own feelings, which is why she's consciously come up with ways to include some self-care routines in her everyday life.

The actress Lucy Boynton has explained how she thinks of her beauty routines as a way to well-being // Photo: Instagram

Two elements she considers a must are cleansing and moisturizing. Lucy chooses rich and hydrating products for her everyday routines, focusing on Weleda products because of their gentle treatments on her sensitive skin. Her simple skincare routine doesn't include other steps, aside from a spritz of Cloé Rose Tangerine Eau de Toilette as a final touch.

On the other hand, there are a few extra products she uses on a normal working day. Lucy explained separately what her morning and evening routines focused on: the first one leaned towards achieving an energized look and getting rid of any tiredness, while the second one was closer to a relaxation routine at the end of her day. With some eye pads and a face roller, she de-puffs her face to start the day, and with a nice facemask, she scrubs off the day.

Lucy Boynton focuses her morning routine on energizing and her evening routine, on relaxing // Photo: Instagram

If she's stressed, she opts for the perfect bath. For Lucy, this includes unscented bath salts, a glass of wine, something to read, and a Le Labo candle. She likes to wear a blue hair mask to achieve a silky texture and leave her blond hair free of warm tones. The key to this bath, she said, is to slow down and escape social media.

The British actress has shown that self-care can be achieved in many ways, and isn't hard to include in your everyday routine. Are you ready to put her advice into practice?

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