Lizzo's Tiktok vegan recipe made a hit among her fans

The singer shared her recipe "Green chili stew and green chili filled sopapillas: an aesthetic" and surprised everyone.

Sometimes in the kitchen, we run out of ideas about what food to prepare that is delicious and healthy at the same time. But there is someone who always inspires us with a fabulous recipe... Lizzo's Tiktok vegetarian recipes are a hit with her fans.

The famous artist Lizzo shared in her Tik Tok account another great recipe: "Green chili stew and green chili filled sopapillas: an aesthetic". A very delicious, healthy, and easy recipe to make at home.

Green chile stew & green chile stuffed sopapillas: an aesthetic

Lizzo has fans all over the world and the recipes she shares are always a great success. In this case, she boiled some potatoes and showed her open fingernails while washing the tomatoes and grilling the peppers on the perfect grill.

She also showed how to use the gloves to deseed the chiles. One of her Tik Tok followers commented: "WOW Lizzo! I am impressed! As a Latina who was raised to cook by 5 older generations of family, I am astounded! I would eat so many! Looks delicious."  We just have one question: Where's our invite?

Lizzo's support of the culture-enriched recipe was appreciated by her fans.

As sopapillas are original from New Mexico, Lizzo's support of the culture-enriched recipe was appreciated by her fans. Her account was filled with tons of comments of followers thankful for this recipe, such as this one:  "You're making us New Mexicans so proud," while many welcomed her to New Mexico.

The Juice singer showed her dish with a sparkly filter, it looked so perfect with an astounding mix of fluffy pastry and spiced vegetables. As she’s a vegan, she’s making her fans aware of how good you can eat without eating meat.

Some of her followers even encouraged her to make a cookbook, which would be simply amazing. She’s not only talented on stage but in the kitchen. Come on, Lizzo, we need more of your recipes!

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