Lily Aldrige's simple and effective beauty tips you can easily copy

The California-born model and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge, is known for how down-to-earth approach to everything from diet to workouts. Which is why her favorite beauty tips are so easy to copy!

Lily's go-to exercise of choice

Her favorite workout is Ballet Beautiful. Since Lily’s always traveling, she uses FaceTime to do classes online at her hotel gym.

If she’s got no time to work out,  Aldridge will do squats in the kitchen while getting meals ready. She will then add a  2-minute arm workout by just pulsing weights, which is really good for toning (and way harder than it seems).

Lily's favorite beauty tips

When it comes to hair

Lily keeps it simple.  She mixed water and a bit of salt in a spray bottle and sprays the mix onto her braids, which gives her those lovely natural waves we all love.

She’s religious about

Sunblock. Lily wears it every day, rain, or shine. This is a MUST to keep younger-looking skin for longer and avoid the dreaded sunspots. 

Lily's simple and effective tips

 Her go-to smoothie recipe

Just almond milk, blueberries, strawberries, banana, and protein powder.

To relax she soaks in an

Epsom salt baths,  great for drawing out impurities and detoxing.

Source: Elle UK

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