Lily Aldridge shares her secrets to work out like a Victoria's Secret Angel Lily Aldridge shares her secrets to work out like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Lily Aldridge shares her secrets to work out like a Victoria's Secret Angel

Lily is one of the most recognized and talented models on the planet. But what we most love about her is how effortlessly chic and down-to-earth she is. Find out more about Lily's diet and exercise secrets

To start with, Lily Aldridge works out every day. Most days, she does cardio for at least 20 minutes and follows that workout with her favorite Ballet exercises.

Lily Aldridge shares her secrets to become a Victoria's Secret Angel 

A Cardio-infused workout

For cardio workouts, Lily loves to go for a run outdoors. She starts on the pavement and runs across the grass when she gets to the local park. If there are stairs nearby, she goes up and down the staircase a few times to add difficulty and feel the burn in her legs and glutes. This only shows you don't need any fancy equipment to stay fit. But it does take a lot of discipline. 

Lily Aldridge knows how to stay in shape

A little bit of boxing

Lily Aldridge likes to practice boxing, which is a very good exercise to burn calories and to tone the muscles of the whole body. It's also a favorite with her Victoria's Secret friends, such as Adriana Lima and Martha Hunt. 

Discipline is everything for Lily

Lily loves Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful classes help you tone and stretch your muscles at the same time, based on many of the same principles as Pilates but it's a little more active and dynamic. And she can do most of it with nothing more than a mat and a little space at home.

Although Ballet Beautiful is her favorite form of exercise, she tries to vary things. This helps her target different muscle groups and get strong and toned muscles without getting bored in the process. 

Lily works out every day

Yoga and Pilates

Lily doesn't really go to the gym. Instead, she does Pilates and yoga at home. During her Pilates sessions, she uses the reformer to add resistance to guide her poses. She also uses resistance bands to push herself further with body-weight exercises. During her yoga sessions, she uses her body weight to tone her muscles.


Lily Aldridge knows that to be healthy it is necessary to make exercise and to maintain a balanced diet. This is her secret to becoming a beautiful and talented supermodel!





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