Kylie Jenner without makeup: The video that went viral the most on Instagram

Kylie has been part of James Charles' video on makeup for Halloween where she looks more natural. Let's see!

James Charles shared a Halloween makeup tutorial where none other than Kylie Jenner participates. Not being able to hold the party that everyone possibly wanted will not impede enjoying this popular celebration with a chilling beauty look.

Kylie Jenner & James Charles // Photo of Instagram

All celebs participated in makeup tutorials
Very diverse options were shared, options that not only come from the hand of beauty gurus or lovers of the most original makeup but also celebrities like Heidi Klum, Lady Gaga, Anne Hathaway, or Kylie Jenner.

Kylie Jenner & James Charles // Photo of Instagram

Terrifying makeup
Kylie has shared a new proposal for this imminent Halloween celebration, it is a makeup that recreates a wound on the cheekbone and that has been created by the famous beauty YouTuber James Charles. The artist himself has shared the step by step on his own YouTube channel.

Kylie's natural look is everything
A spectacular look that however has remained in the background. The reason? The image of Kylie Jenner without a drop of makeup that can be seen in the clip of Charles has managed to grab all the attention. Accustomed to heart attack makeup, filters, or retouching through social networks, this type of appearance of Kylie all-natural, without any type of cosmetic product is remarkable.

Doing Kylie Jenner's Halloween Makeup!

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