Kim Kardashian's secret natural ingredient. How to make a facial mask and hair rinse with rice water

There are so many benefits you can get from water, rice, and oats. These are well-known for having benefits such as lightening your skin, reducing dark patches, and improving skin's blood flow.

Kim K is a fan of rice water and has said in several interviews that she uses it for hair and skin. This liquid contains vitamins B, D, E, and A, as well as calcium and iron. Just the combo needed to strengthen hair follicles and allow the hair strands to shine on their own. Skincare benefits are also plenty. Evidence shows that rice water can help sun-damaged skin and has antiaging properties.  

 Here's the recipe for how to make make a facial mask with rice, water, and oats.

What you need:

Oatmeal is also great for acne-prone skin

How to:

Your skin will feel and look glowing and smooth. 

Kik Kardashian's rice water hair rinse

As for hair, Kardashian swears by rinsing uncooked rice grains and then soaking them in water. Then, strain the rice and massage the water onto the scalp (after shampooing) and let it sit. Finish by rinsing it out well.

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