Kendall Jenner's all-natural homemade hair mask

Kendall is easily one of the most recognized women around the world. Having walked in pretty much all the catwalks of major fashion brands, you'd expect Kendall to only use high-end products. And while her makeup bag may be bursting with expensive products, she still relies on DIY masks.

Having previously spoken about the importance of natural beauty. Her sensitive skin doe not allow for many chemicals, so she sticks to green beauty most of the time. The same goes for her hair products.

Kendall's favorite hair mask is all-natural

Her locks are also pure envy, with super dark, thick, and shiny hair looking healthy no matter where she is. The good news is, Kendall's favorite hair mask is 100% natural and the ingredients are probably sitting in your kitchen. Intrigued?

Kendall Jenner's avocado and banana natural hair maks

Kendall's hair mask

This mask is super nourishing and moisturizing, according to Jenner. We'll be trying it out for sure. 

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