Kate Hudson shows us what she is up to in the kitchen

Kate Hudson took part in “The avocado show” and talked to Well+Good about her kitchen skills

Because of the pandemic, many celebrities have been stuck at home and Kate Hudson is not the exception. As a result, the actress has spent lots of time in the kitchen and she explained that her cooking skills have strengthened. “I am having more fun with it,” she said. 

Her cooking achievements include sushi rice and pasta, among others. But she also has been trying to eat better so she has added a new mainstay ingredient to her fridge, gut-healthy kimchi. And now this ingredient resides alongside olives and parmesan cheese on the list of things her kitchen is never without. “Food is my favorite, so the hardest thing for me in life has been, ‘How do I eat well and maintain my health?” she says.

Kate usually spent much time in the kitchen: she usually starts her mornings in the kitchen to drink a cup of coffee and prepare breakfast for her kind before Zoom school. Then she works out using a platform called Obé. “I always try to find at least a half-hour to work out,” she said in another interview. Also, she likes to change what she does, so she dances, does Pilates, and trains with the application. 

After a sweat sesh, work begins. Apart from being an actress, Kate is also an entrepreneur and has three companies: Fabletics, alkaline water vodka brand King St., and supplement line InBloom which is a line of nutritional plant-based powders aimed at boosting health in a variety of categories, including sleep, energy, and cognitive functions.

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