Kate Beckinsale’s diet to stay healthy and look gorgeous at 47 Kate Beckinsale’s diet to stay healthy and look gorgeous at 47

Kate Beckinsale’s diet to stay healthy and look gorgeous at 47

The English actress and model, Kathrin Romary Beckinsale looks just as good at 47 as she did at 25! The question is obvious: how does she do it? Discover her secrets now!

Kate Beckinsale follows a diet and workout routine that demands a lot of dedication and perseverance. Here we share everything you want to know about her diet

Kate Beckinsale’s diet

Kate used to be a vegetarian, but while filming a movie, she had low energy so her trainer suggested adding chicken and fish back into her diet. However, Kate and her daughter eat lots of vegetables, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli, with lean proteins.

Here we share some of her favorite meals:


Kate usually starts her day off with protein and fresh vegetables. When she is in a hurry and she does not have enough time for a big breakfast, she grabs a green smoothie sweetened only with fresh fruit. If she has a more relaxing day, she makes an omelet with tomato and onion or she has eggs with avocado toast.


For lunch, Kate likes to mix lean proteins and fresh veggies. Some days she chooses a veggie wrap full of vegetables. On other days, she might have mixed vegetable soup or a salad with salmon or chicken. Moreover, she incorporates rice or other unprocessed grains into her meal.


For dinner, she enjoys to grill fresh fish, chicken breast, or turkey. As a side, she often has beans, lentils, or vegetables


She is a big fan of hummus, fresh fruit like peaches, and kale chips. Something to drink? Yes, she likes drinking Rooibos tea and usually drinks two cups a day. This herbal beverage is said to have benefits related to exercise performance, concentration, and mood.

What she avoids

Kate avoids cut carbs and processed sugar. Instead, she eats carbs in moderation and she also eats mostly protein and vegetables. "[Carbs and processed sugar] make me feel very sluggish," she said. As a result, she says she does not drink alcohol since it means consuming lots of carbs and sugar, something that the body does not need. "I have never actually had an entire glass of anything alcoholic," she said. This habit helps her body stay slim and healthy.

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