Do you suffer from inflamed skin after exercising? Try these tips from Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's tips and skincare products to treat inflamed post-workout skin

Exercise should be an important part of your day, as it's highly necessary to keep both your mind and body healthy. However, some people may experience excessive redness on inflamed and sensitive skin afterward. This shouldn't be an impediment for working out, as there are ways to quickly treat these symptoms and look refreshed and rejuvenated right after your workout! Jessica Alba, the founder of The Honest Company, shares her experience and her solutions to these problems.

One of the upsides of exercising at home is that you can squeeze in a workout session between Zoom meetings or chores that need to be done. While this is a great way for those who don't have plenty of time to move around and exercise their bodies, it also means that you need to put extra work into looking well put-together when you need to get to work right after a HIIT session...

For many people, the direct effects of working out on their skin are flushed and red skin on their faces. While this isn't something to be ashamed of, it's still understandable to look for ways to soothe the skin and treat these inflammations. Luckily, Jessica Alba and her Honest Company have your back.

Jessica Alba, the founder of The Honest Company, has shared her experience on working out with sensitive skin // Photo: Instagram

Before explaining her experience and solutions, it's key to understand what goes on under your skin when you work out. During an exercise session, the blood vessels on your skin dilate so that heat can better leave your body through its surface. The final result is a constant body temperature, which is important for the body to work properly. This process is healthy and common and can cause the skin to look flushed.

There are cases, however, in which the skin is left with red spots and flushes a while after the end of each workout session. This is mostly an indication of sensitive skin or skin allergies, in which there's an extra blood flow rushing to heal an inflammation beneath the skin. If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or rosacea, this may happen to you as well.

One of Jessica Alba’s goals when creating The Honest Company and its skincare products was to help people with sensitive skin like hers // Photo: Instagram

Jessica Alba is very open about her own skin conditions and allergies. She's been personally affected by problems like this one, where a workout session leaves her sensitive skin with red marks. Her eczema-prone skin hasn't stopped her from working out, but has left her wishing for ways to treat the symptoms afterward.

Her experiences have worked as a drive to help others as well, which is why she's founded The Honest Company, a natural brand with beauty- and skincare-related products specifically targeted to people with sensitive skin types. Among her many products, she repeatedly recommends one specific line to help in situations where you're suffering from post-workout skin inflammation: The Honest Company's sensitive skin line.

This skincare line for sensitive skin includes a foaming cream cleanser, a face serum, a lightweight moisturizer, and a face mist. The four products contain an effective healing humectant and can quickly calm any post-workout redness. When applied in order, they work to cleanse and soften your skin, improve its texture, calm irritation while locking in moisture, and reduce redness (respectively).

The Honest Company’s skincare line for sensitive skin will help you reduce post-workout skin redness and inflammation // Photo: Instagram

There are also other ways to prevent redness and skin inflammation after exercising. To begin with, a cooler environment will prevent your body from trying to get rid of heat, thus reducing blood flow to your skin and minimizing redness. Furthermore, a milk-soaked compress can also work wonders when applied to your skin.

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