Jessica Alba shares her facial care routine on her Instagram Jessica Alba shares her facial care routine on her Instagram

Jessica Alba shares her facial care routine on Instagram

Jessica Alba shares her facial care routine with her 18 million followers on Instagram. Discover her beauty hacks.

Jessica does not hesitate to show her projects, daily life, and skincare routine on her Instagram account. She is not only a very famous actress but also a businesswoman. She is the founder of The Honest Company, a wellness brand empowering people to live happy, healthy lives and also a beauty care brand. Her products are cruelty-free with plant-derived ingredients for every type of skin. 

Recently, the actress has shared a video fragment in which she showed some of the seconds of a video that she has uploaded to Youtube. In the post, Jessica wrote: “I feel like the skin is the foundation of a good beauty routine. I have worked as an actress since I was 12 years, so I’ve always given my skin the love and care it needs (thanks mom @cathyalba!). For a mother of 3, businesswoman, actress, etc., the skin routine has become the basis of personal care!”

When it comes to facial care, Alba said it is important to use a diadem to hold the hair before starting

  1. First step: She uses the prime from her brand to make the skin look smoother and brighter. 
  2. Second step: Then she applies the magic balm, her signature also, on the lips and eyelids. After some minutes she removes everything with hot water to exfoliate the skin.
  3. Third step: She uses a serum with Vitamin C to provide energy to the skin, and the Hydrogel, made from 70% water to hydrate her skin.
  4. Fourth step: She reapplies balm on her eyelids and lips and finishes with a high hydration spray which, as she says, “is like a spa skin treatment.”

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