Jennifer Lopez’s moves to tone her legs and glutes

Jennifer Lopez’s moves to tone her legs and glutes

Want a sculpted booty? Here we share Jennifer Lopez’s moves to stay in shape

J.Lo’s trainer David Kirsch, known as the “master of the ass”, shared a video on Instagram of J.Lo. doing some “platypus walks” forward and backward during a training session. 

Platypus walks

This exercise helps work your inner thighs and the lower part of your butt.

How to do it:

  1. Start in a plié squat position with your hands behind your head and your thighs parallel to the floor 
  2. Stay engaged in the plié squat as you waddle forward, stepping left foot in front of the right
  3. Then the right foot in front of the left
  4. Make sure your knees stay out and your weight remains back in your heels throughout the movement.

Take five total steps forward, then reverse. That is one repetition. Repeat this exercise five times.

"Platypus walks work your entire body, but primarily fire up your legs and glutes," says Sarah Otey, an NYC-based trainer. “The challenge comes from actually doing the exercise with good form—your knees should be turned outward (instead of forward) with your knees stacked on top of your ankles,” she added.

Sumo lunge

Another exercise J.Lo does to work out her booty is the sumo lunge. It helps lift the butt and Kirsch promises that by doing the sumo lunge three times a week, you will start seeing results in as little as two to three weeks.

How to do it

  1. Start with your legs slightly wider than hip-width apart, with your hands on your hips.
  2. With one leg, do a roundhouse, a sidekick, then a frog jump, all in a relatively swift motion.
  3. Repeat with the other leg.

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