Jennifer Lopez's go-to smoothie is easier to make than you think

Jenifer Lopez seems not to age...or being more precise, looks better with every passing year. Her diet has a lot to do with it and today we share her go-to smoothie, which you can easily make at home.

It is an unbelievably healthy drink, full of fiber, omega 3, protein, and is a great post and pre-workout smoothie as well as an excellent breakfast.  Smoothies are true powerhouses of nutrition. Chuck in any veg, fruit, and superfoods you like and enjoy the delicious flavor. 

Jennifer Lopez's go-to smoothie

Stars are no strangers to a yummy and healthy smoothie, but Jennifer's is super simple to make and requires no crazy expensive ingredients. 

“Jennifer absolutely loves it. That’s her go-to drink every day," says Marco Borges, Jennifer's physiologist

Jennifer loves her spinach smoothie Image: splashnews

Ingredients (for 1 portion):

Blend all the ingredients together and serve. 

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