Jane Fonda returns with her iconic workout routine at 82!

Remember Jane Fonda´s famous workout exercises in the 80´s? Well, she´s doing them again, only she is 82 now.

Jane Fonda was an iconic actress in the last decades of the XX century. As one of the members of the Fonda family of actors, she made a name for herself and she also won two Academy Awards. In her 40´s, she developed a widely known series of exercises routines that were followed by thousands of women. Now, at 82, she´s doing it again.

At the beginning of quarantine, she started using her Tik Tok account to show some moves. Jane Fonda appears lying on a mat with a look that has nothing to do with the style she wore for more than forty years. Jane opts for a sporty look to do side leg raises. An outfit consisting of a red shirt and black leggings that allow you to raise your legs more comfortably.

Jane Fonda looks splendid at 82 thanks to her continuous workout routines.

A video in which she also includes one of the iconic looks that she wore on one of her VHS tapes with which she swept sales. It should be remembered that more than 17 million copies of these tapes were sold that some have now recovered to get in shape during confinement at home.

This outfit was precisely the uniform with which Jane managed to cause a sensation. The protagonist of Barbarella opted for high-waisted, round-neck jerseys that she always wore with matching leg warmers. Without a doubt, one of her most iconic pieces was the red and black striped bodysuit that she wore on the cover of her exercise book and which was auctioned in 2016 for a good cause. They also created a trend for the pink and lilac striped leotard that she combined with tights and leg warmers that all women copied to do sports both at home and in the gym.

Jane Fonda wokout routine

Forty years later, Jane prefers to put these types of outfits aside - although she could wear them because she has an enviable body - and opts for tracksuit sets with the side stripes in the colors of the LGBTIQ+ flag and her name in white, as shown on Instagram.

However, Fonda has not only revived these videos, but has also wanted to send a double message to her TikTok followers. The actress has taken the opportunity to capture the attention of the youngest to make them aware of the importance of playing sports and ask for their help to save the planet. A commitment to the environment with which the United States has been very involved for years.

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