How to recreate Barbara Palvin’s makeup

How to recreate supermodel Barbara Palvin’s makeup

The makeup artist Tobi Henney brought into life a feline eye look for Barbara. Read on to learn how to recreate this incredible makeup

Tobi Henney created this makeup for Barbara’s glam when she attended the Versace Fall/Winter front row for its 2020-2021 show in Milan. “This was probably one of my most favorite makeup looks I have created for Barbara,” he said. The makeup was thought for the Versace look she was wearing and the incredible hair look created by the hairstylist Owen Gould. 

This makeup is known as the “feline eye look.” // Photo by Instagram

This makeup is known as the “feline eye look,” because you have to pull the eyeliner inward from the inner eye, which seems like the eye of a feline. Tobi wanted to focus all the attention on Barbara Palvin’s eyes, so then for the rest of the makeup, he opted for a natural lip and a luminous complexion.

How to recreate the feline eye look

If you want to recreate this makeup, do not get frustrated and prepare for error. It can be difficult the first time you try, but then you will see you will improve with practice and patience. The essentials for this makeup include liquid eyeliner, mascara, and foundation.

The essentials for the feline eye look include liquid eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. // Photo by Instagram

“To create the perfect wing, it is helpful to have the mini cotton tips on hand and some makeup remover,” Henney advises. “That way, you can clean up any mistake attempts when trying to achieve your feline liner.”

How to do the feline liner

Step 1: Start with the liner sitting quite flat in the center of the eye and pull outward

Step 2: Place a tiny dot on where you want to finish

Step 3: Pull the flick inward from the finish point

Step 4: Then do the same for your inner corner point, connecting it to the rest of the liner 

Once you finish you can go back and make the liner more intense. 

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