How these 3 celebrities trained to become Marvel Superheroes

In this article, you will discover how Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, and Paul Rudd trained to get in shape for Marvel movies

Chris Evans

The 39-years-old actor got into the Marvel world in 2011 as Captain America and then he joined the Avengers. Chris trained very hard to play this role of a superhero and her trainer, Simon Waterson, help him with his workout


When he first played Captain America in The First Avenger, Evans hit the gym four to five days a week for three months, training for two hours a day, focusing on two muscle groups per session. His trainer also helped Evans get his body fat down to 8-percent while working on the Civil War.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris played the role of Thor and his personal trainer and childhood friend was Luke Zocchi. Apart from going to the gym, Chris also did kickboxing.  “Most of the work that we do to get Chris bulked up for Thor is done in the months before being in front of the cameras. He loves to kickbox, so that’s incorporated into his training. Occasionally, I have to hold the pads for him, and I really need to brace for his kicks, because he will knock me right over,” said Zocchi.


The actor likes sharing his workout on social media in which we can see some exercises such as kettlebell moves, dumbbell variations, boxing, push/pull workouts, barbell curls, and surfing, among many more. 

Paul Rudd

The actor of Ant-Man trained with Richard Louis, New York-based trainer, and owner of FitSpaceNYC, and followed a meal plan given by nutritionist Carlon Colker.


Rudd’s workout consisted of a 3-part circuit workout, including 5 rounds with these moves: Smith Machine Incline Press x 15 reps, EZ-Bar Curl x 15 reps, Hanging Knee Raises x 25 reps. These exercises work his chest, biceps, and abs. 

Source: Men's Journal

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