How does Brad Pitt look like that at 56?

It is widely known that Brad Pitt has been taken care of his body for the last decades. It comes as no surprise that he looks the way he does four years short of his 60th birthday. But what is exactly his self-care routine?

Brad Pitt is 56 years old and he looks better than ever, he still has the perfect hair and the best looks on the red carpet.

While others get addicted to botox, perform operations that left them unrecognizable, and cling to youth in ways that only make them look older, Brad Pitt has learned to age gracefully, using a few clever tricks to his advantage, and the results are obvious. He has said very little about his grooming routine but experts say there are a few tips you should follow to look as good (at any age) as he looks at 56.

Brad Pitt takes a lot of care of his skin and body.

1) Avoid surgeries

Brad Pitt definitely takes care of himself, but it's not that he's trying to look younger, rather he prefers to be healthy and stays away from botox and surgeries, which gives him a more natural appearance.

2) Exercise regularly and eat well

It is proven by science that exercising and eating a healthy diet not only help you maintain weight but are essential to maintain a younger appearance because it keeps the metabolism active and helps skin cells.

3) The sun is not your friend

You clearly need a little sun to get a dose of vitamin D, but the sun does many of the major skin damages and accelerates the aging process, so it is essential that you use sunscreen every time. Get outside.

A healthy diet, no overexposure to the sun and an exercise routine are some activities Brad Pitt has done for quite a while.

4) Fight inflammation

Pollution, sun exposure, smoking and drinking, stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet lead to inflammation, which is one of the skin's worst enemies, and as you age, the damage becomes more apparent. therefore it is necessary to reduce exposure and adopt an anti-inflammatory lifestyle, which includes taking supplements that protect and reduce the visible signs of inflammation.

5) Take vitamins

Vitamin supplements are essential to be healthy, in addition to being a very good way to keep your skin and hair in the best condition.

6) Avoid overly aggressive products

The most aggressive products remove the natural oils from the skin and leave it dry and irritated, it is essential that you avoid products that contain some type of acid or that cause dryness. On the other hand, it is essential that you use a powerful moisturizer to maintain hydration.

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