Hero training: Discover Robert Downey Jr.’s workout

Hero training: Discover Robert Downey Jr.’s workout for Iron Man

To play the role of Iron Man, Robert Downey Jr needed to train many times a week to get in shape. Here is his workout routine to become this Marvel superhero

“I’m not particularly tall, strong, fast, or aggressive,” Downey Jr. told Means journal, “But I’m not faking it.” Yes, the 55 years old actor trained a lot to play this amazing marvel hero. In his daily routine, he trained using the Wing Chun technique made famous by Bruce Lee and he also went to the gym. He does many exercises but he knows his limits: “I’m not a kid,  and I’m not a professional athlete," he said.

Robert's tough workout for the role

Brad Bose, his trainer, said that they cut way back on cardio and that really increased the weight Downey was lifting. After several months of working hard and consuming 5,000 calories a day, he gained 20 pounds of muscle. 

The Wing Chun technique

This is a Kung fu style from Southern China that has a form of self-defense and requires quick arm movements and strong legs to defeat opponents. Bruce Lee used to do this type of Kung fu and he made it famous. According to a Wing Chun instructor, these are its benefits:


Downey Jr workout included weights and cardio

Robert Downey Jr.’s workout

Lower body

Diet was a big part of his preparation

Upper body

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