Gwyneth Paltrow's make up artist explained why she swears by clean beauty products

Gwyneth is a household name in Hollywood and, as such, she can afford to have an amazing makeup artist: Georgie Eisdell, who has shared her secrets.

Georgie is one of the most sought-after makeup artists in Hollywood because she can make amazing looks for the red carpet while keeping her clients' skin shiny and flawless. And she has been good enough to explain how she can make this happen.

Gwyneth Paltrow makeup artist shared her beauty secrets

Her secret? clean beauty products. 

"I threw myself into the world of clean beauty [when] one of my dearest friends was diagnosed with breast cancer about six years ago now," Eisdell told InStyle. "When she was preparing for treatment, I wanted to make sure she had everything she needed to keep her skin looking and feeling great and to have some options for her for when she wanted to wear makeup."

According to Eisdell, there are no differences between clean products and regular products.

She says that working with Paltrow for so long has given her the opportunity to dig deeper into the clean beauty world. "Being around the team at Goop has made me a lot more aware of what we can and should be looking at when it comes to beauty," she says. "I have had quite the education and I am grateful for it."

There is a lot of people that say that clean makeup does not offer the same result as traditional formulas, but this is a misconception.

According to Eisdell, there is literally no difference when it comes to blendability, color, and coverage!

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