Getting ready with Kelsey Merritt to having a perfect skincare routine. Photo: Instagram Getting ready with Kelsey Merritt to having a perfect skincare routine. Photo: Instagram

Getting ready with Kelsey Merritt: her perfect skincare routine

If you want to have a young and glowing skin you should practice the beauty routine of this Victoria's Secret angel. Let's see how Kelsey Merritt starts her evenings.

Kelsey Merritt, the Filipino-American model best known for being the first Filipina to walk a Victoria's Secret fashion show, won everyone's hearts. In addition to possessing an incomparable charisma, she has a smooth and silky skin worthy of envy. Let's get to know her beauty routine.

The first step of the routine is to remove makeup
When Kelsey returns home, she begins her routine by removing her makeup with micellar water. But the most important thing is that, since she has a clean routine, she uses organic reusable pads to do the cleansing.

Breakout-proof cleaning
Kelsey used to have a lot of breakouts and noticed that the overuse of cleansers produced more oil on her skin and caused her to breakouts. When she discovered this, she stopped using this skincare method and switched to lighter products.

Lip balm for dry lips
Kelsey has very dry lips which is why she is obsessed with lip balms to achieve hydrated lips. And that is why this step is part of the skincare routine.

Clay mask
Kelsey wears a retinol-based eye mask every night. And with a brush, she applies the clay mask that brightens the appearance of the complexion, hydrates, and softens the skin.

Revitalizing Hydrating Serum for the face
One last step she takes is to place a serum all over her face that moistures, a haven of healthy-looking radiance where skin can thrive, flood skin with nurturing hydration, tapping into skin’s moisture for her best appearance.

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