Getting ready with Gwyneth Paltrow: her healthy morning routine

Gwyneth Paltrow is the undeniable queen of wellness. And while we might conjure up images of endless green juices and infrared saunas, Gwyneth’s morning routine is actually quite simple.

Each morning as she gets ready, Gwyneth practices oil pulling. This involves swishing a couple of tablespoons of raw coconut oil in your mouth to get rid of bacteria. This is an Ayurvedic practice that has gained a following in the West a couple of fo years ago. It’s important to note that oil pulling should not be done in place of flossing or brushing.

Gwyneth is not a breakfast person

Gwyneth then follows her morning skincare routine, which involves exfoliating, applying face oil, and moisturizing.

Paltrow isn’t “a big breakfast person” but she likes to have two large glasses of water before indulging in an aromatic cup of coffee. She then checks her emails and reads the paper with her husband.

She doesn’t forget to take her vitamins.

Paltrow loves her post-workout smoothie

AM workouts

Paltrow likes to work out before she heads to the office. This means the workouts get done, no matter how hectic the day gets later on. She goes to the gym right after dropping her kids off at school.

Gwyneth is religious about the Tracy Anderson Method and has been doing it for over a decade.

After working out, she gets her favorite green smoothie from a local cafe and starts her workday.

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