Freida Pinto's best natural skincare and makeup tips

Indian actress Freida Pinto has a great skin at 36! Here are some of her tricks to take care of her body.

Her lips

She normally uses highlight liquid lipstick or lip markers. If we look at the lips of many famous women, there are several that use surgery to make them more suggestive. This is not Freida´s case! She´s all-natural.

Her eyes

Freida Pinto uses products to strengthen the growth of her eyebrows, and some other products to apply makeup. Regarding her eyelashes, Freida Pinto has never stated that she uses false eyelashes. However, there are several acts in public in which it is observed that she uses them. She has also mentioned that she likes some eyelash products that serve to nourish them. Also one of the great tips she has recognized is to use an easy eyelash curler.

Freida Pinto always wears a perfect combination of makeup and cosmetic products that protect her skin and make her look seem ageless.

Her best natural tip

In order to cleanse her hair roots, she uses organic apple cider vinegar, a tip she acquired on a set some years ago.

"Put it into your roots and leave it there for a bit?' It stunk! It was horrible! But when I was done with it, I didn’t even need a conditioner. It was like magic. It’s the power of vinegar," she told Coveteur

Her skincare routine is very simple

All she focuses on is cleansing properly.

"Sometimes, I think it’s nice if you’ve just moisturized your skin with a really good moisturizer, or just olive oil or coconut oil the night before; it’s nice to not wash it with face wash or whatever. Sometimes it’s good to use just water"

We love her simple approach and how she uses kitchen staples in her skincare. This just shows that you don't need to spend a fortune to look great. 

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