Forever young: This is the supplement that Eva Mendes uses to look young

Eva Mendes has fabulous skin at her age and she has a secret for this to happen. Let's see!

Eva Mendes has always been one of the Hollywood actresses most envied for her skin and now, at 46, she continues to be and promises to be for many years to come. And it is that always young skin has a trick. It has been the actress herself who has revealed it on her Instagram account and it is not another food supplement with which she accompanies her meals. Specifically, it is a marine collagen.

Eva Mende // Photo of Instagram

Marine collagen: anti-aging treasure
Eva is faithful to the marine collagen. She has challenged the big corporations about the poison they put into the things that women wear, feed themselves with, and feed their children. That's why, on the wellness scale, her latest obsession is her marine collagen as her skin's star product.

"This is not an ad. I didn't even get this for free. Ha. Full disclosure. I just believe in what it does. To be clear ... I'm just sharing what I love, I'm not saying" Take this! "So talk to your doctor and all that because what the hell do I know. It's just that they often ask me what I eat/do to stay in shape, so here you go ❤ ", Eva said.

Marine collagen for skin
Eva's Marine Collagen helps fight the signs of aging, improve elasticity, and retain skin hydration, helping to maintain youthful tone, texture, and appearance. It also has an antioxidant function.

Eva Mende // Photo of Instagram

Marine collagen for hair
Marine collagen is not only good for the skin. Helps hair health thanks to its amino acids, stimulates growth, thickness, and strength. Helps maintain joints and strengthens nails. Strengthens the liver and improves the quality of sleep.

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