Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez launched her haircare line

Exclusive: Jennifer Lopez launched her haircare line

The talented singer and actress JLo has developed two incredible hair products. Learn more about them here

When it comes to beauty tips we all want to know celebrity secrets since they spend much time surrounded by makeup artists and experts in body care. JLo picked up all the tricks she has and developed two hair products in partnership with Hims & Hers: a detoxifying scalp scrub and an ultra-hydrating moisturizing mask.

Detox Scalp Scrub

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and JLo knows that, so he had to have a detoxifying scalp scrub in the collection. “The scrub is detoxifying and it targets the buildup of [styling] product, oil and dead skin on the scalp,” Lopez said. “It smells like a sunny day in a botanical garden, which is something idyllic that people may be craving right now.” This product contains salicylic acid, sugar, and aloe extract working together to lift off any product buildup and dead skin cells in your scalp. Also, it smells fantastic due to the sweet peony and sandalwood scent it has.

JLo's detox scalp scrub // Photo by Hers

Rapid Repair Mask

“The hair mask is formulated with keratin to help repair damage on overworked hair,” Lopez said. “It’s ultra-hydrating and it works to smooth the rough strands.” Apart from having keratin, it also contains yummy-smelling coconut oil, and shea butter to help repair damaged ends. It can be applied as a post-shower mask or whenever you have some time to really let the mask do its work. 

JLo's Rapid Repair Mask // Photo by Milled

JLo’s new products join an existing lineup of Hers hair care promoted by Lopez, including shampoo, conditioner, vitamin gummies, and minoxidil drops specifically formulated to help with hair loss or thin hair. 

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