Discover Jennifer Lawrence's celebrity diet: her wholesome tips and tricks

When it comes to diets, the actress is an open book and she says she does not like to follow restrictive diets. Find out her meal plan here

In the past, she has admitted many times that she dislikes the restrictive diets in which you feel really hungry and she loves eating pizza. However, when she is preparing for a movie, she needs to join her workout routine with a healthy diet. As a result, she needed to learn how to eat tasty but healthy food. "I could never live on a 'diet.' Dalton taught me how to eat, move, and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always thank him for that." said Jennifer. 

Celebrities eating plans: Discover Jennifer Lawrence's diet // Photo by Vanityfair

Dalton has a book and he explained there that he helped Jennifer store her refrigerator with healthier food. "It's always food that is working for us rather than against us." Here is what Dalton advised her: 

Consume organic foods

In his book, Dalton recommends eating homemade, organic food. 

Replace alcohol with healthier options

Dalton says that microbrewed beer is better than a pint of beer and apple cider vinegar is also better than cocktails. Moreover, it is advisable to choose organic red or white wine instead of mulled wine and Ultra Brut Champagne instead of regular ones.

Dalton encourages Jennifer to replace cocktails with apple cider vinegar

Healthy snacks:

These are some of the snacks that get the green light from Wong:

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