Check out Natalie Roser's workout routine!

Check out Natalie Roser's workout routine!

The Australian model revealed her routine to have a killer body.

You probably know her from different campaigns, like the one she did for Speedo, or maybe from Miami Swim Week. As a model, she is very careful with her routines, which are tailored-made to help her keep that astonishing look. 

Her routine is quite versatile!

In an interview, she revealed that her routine is quite versatile. Many trainers, actually, encourage people to mix things up a bit. This will help you stay engaged with a workout, for starters, but it will also help you avoid experiencing a plateau.

On her active days, Natalie hits the gym and she does a HIIT circuit, followed by some weight lifting. Her HIIT routine includes burpees, lunges, squats, and skipping. Normally, she does this 5 days a week.

Some other days, she can be found doing some Pilates, combined with a little bit of running on a treadmill —she is also a huge fan of LA outdoor tracks, so every time she has a chance, she runs outdoors with friends. Whether on the treadmill or outdoors, she tries to run at least 3 km every time.

This is her daily routine

Here's her daily workout routine:

Morning: Reformer Pilates
Afternoon: treadmill sprints – 200m on, 200m off x 10
Abs workout (3 rounds):
Crunches 20 reps
Elbow to knee 20 reps
Heel taps 20 reps
Swiss ball glute bridge 10 reps
Swiss ball rollouts 20 reps

She usually shares a lot about her routines on Instagram stories, so be sure to check it out!

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