Check out Natalie Roser's diet, meal by meal Check out Natalie Roser's diet, meal by meal

Check out Natalie Roser's diet, meal by meal

As a model, she takes her eating habits very seriously. Discover her meal plans and diet!

Natalie Roser is an activewear model, so she is very serious when it comes to looking after her body. She is a vegetarian but, sometimes, she switches to a vegan diet. However, this isn't everything: sometimes she also follows an alkaline diet. Let's take a closer look, meal by meal.


Her go-to breakfast is a frozen berry smoothie.

She is a huge fan of smoothies, so that's usually what she has for breakfast. Her usual one is made of frozen blueberry, banana, almond milk, chia seeds, and cacao. She also adds protein powder to make sure she gets enough.


She actually thinks of it as a second breakfast, mainly because her usual lunch option is quite simple. One of her go-to meals is brown rice, tomatoes, and spinach with a little bit of soy sauce for added flavor.


Her favorite dinner is chickpea pasta!

Now this one is her main meal of the day, so she usually cooks something delicious. Among her favorite dinner meals, you can find chickpea pasta, which she prepares with coconut cream sauce and a wide variety of veggies. During her alkaline diet periods, she likes to make sweet potato and coconut curry.

Don't forget snacks!

She is mainly eating fruits and nuts throughout the day in order to keep her energy levels up. However, she also enjoys alkaline chocolate chip cookies and she even shared the recipe on her Instagram account, so make sure you check it out!

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