Charlotte McKinney shares her Baywatch workout secrets Charlotte McKinney shares her Baywatch workout secrets

Charlotte McKinney shares her Baywatch workout secrets

Considered one of the most beautiful women to grace the big screen, Charlotte McKinney has recently opened up about her fitness and diet secrets that helped her get into the Baywatch-worthy shape. 

Charlotte is all about lengthening and toning, a preferred method of most Hollywood actresses. The goal is to look lean and not bulky. To achieve that, Charlotte combined her regular workouts with yoga and stretching. 

 “I’m all about lengthening and toning. I don’t do heavy weights. I don’t really do anything too intense. It’s more cardio and stretching and yoga and keeping long, lean muscles as opposed to doing a bunch of reps with weights,” she told Hollywood Life. 

Charlotte works out six days a week and makes sure to get a good rest on the seventh. This is key to getting your muscles to grow and prevent injuries.  Charlotte's workouts, which combine cardio and toning exercises, last about 90 minutes. Her motivation to hit the gym lies in the simple fact that she feels better after a workout. Don't we all? 

As for her go-to meals, Charlotte prefers whole foods and, when possible, avoids sugar and processed packaged foods. A fan of seasonal eating, Charlotte chooses local fruit and veg, whole grains, and fish. She seems to be following the simple principles of the pesco-Mediterranean diet. 

"I’ve fallen into all the juice cleanses and the things, but you end up just crashing so I’ve learned to eat what works for my body.” 

Amen to that!

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