Billie Ellish: She is obsessed with this makeup Billie Ellish: She is obsessed with this makeup

Billie Eilish: She is obsessed with this vegan makeup brand

The Grammy-winner Billie Eilish has gained popularity due to her incredible voice and her personal style.  Billie's makeup is always trendy, but what is her favorite brand? Read on to find out.

Billie’s makeup artist Robert Rumsey has recently revealed that Billie’s makeup looks are usually from only one brand: Milk Makeup, the ultimate trendy clean beauty brand created by Milk Studios. Why? Well, Robert uses vegan makeup brands and Milk Makeup is one of his favorites to create Eilish’s natural glow. 

At the 2020 Grammys awards, Ellish wore a relatively simple makeup:  skin tint, concealer, bronzer, highlighter, and an incredible choice of mascara with a  long-wearing formula, perfect to give volume. 

Here is how Billie’s makeup artist used only Milk Makeup products on this incredible singer

1) Prep Skin

He chose the Vegan Milk Moisturizer,  a cruelty-and paraben-free option to moisturize the skin before jumping into the makeup. The best about this product is that it absorbs quickly and has benefits for the skin.

2) Primer

Once prepped, Robert used the Hydro Grip Primer. This primer is a good option for normal-dry skin. 

3) Skin tint and concealer

For the base, Robert used Milk Makeup’s Sunshine Skin Tint, and then he applied the Flex Concealer to reach a perfect skin tin using a long-lasting product. 

4)  Bronzer and highlight

The final step to give Billie the perfect glow is the Bronzer and highlight. In this case, Roberty used Milk’s Matte Bronzer and the Flex Highlighter in the shade. So then she was ready to get her eyes and lips made up.

Step 5: Eyes and Brows

The singer does not usually wear makeup on her eyes, so she decided to wear something that makes her look natural. Robert chose to combine Milk Makeup’s champagne-colored Eye Pigment called Hotel Lobby and a highlighter. 

Step 6: Lips

Last but not least: lipstick. Robert completed the look with the Milk Makeup KUSH Lip Glaze.

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