Bella Hadid shares her tricks for depuffing tired eyes

The famous Victoria’s Secret Angel Bella Hadid shares how she depuffs her tired eyes

Being a supermodel is not easy. Sometimes they spent all day going from shoot to shoot and also they are using makeup all the time. Moreover, they need to look radiant, so it is essential that they should know how to take care of their skin. 

The supermodel uses an “ice facial” to enhance her natural glow. // Photo by Instagram

What is Bella Hadid’s secret?

The supermodel uses an “ice facial” to enhance her natural glow. So, when she arrives home, she heads straight to the freezer for some ice cubes, as per the instruction of makeup artist Sam Visser.

“Bella had just come from a long week of being on flights, so we wanted to give her an instant refresh before another shoot,” Visser tells Vogue. “Prepping the face with an ice facial instantly wakes up and brightens the skin, while the cooling effect reduces inflammation and swelling.”

Bella Hadid prepare her face with an ice facial to wakes up and brighten the skin // Photo by Instagram

Visser also adds that he likes to use “ice facials” for sculpting by massaging the ice along with the places of the face to tone, for example, her jawline and her cheekbones.

What are the benefits of ice facials?

Using cold on your body is also known as cold therapy or cryotherapy and it is usually used for the treatment of contusion injuries. However, it is suggested that it has more benefits including the following:

How to use it

  1. Roll four or five ice cubes in a soft cotton cloth
  2. Use the covered ice cubes to gently massage your face with circular motions for a minute or two.

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