Anya Taylor-Joy reveals her self-care tips

Anya Taylor-Joy reveals her self-care tips

The main character of Netflix's recently new hit, The Queen's Gambit, is played by the super versatile actress Anya Taylor-Joy. These are her secrets to work hard and stay fresh at the same time.

“I'm not gonna pretend that I was the healthiest person my whole life because I wasn't, but I’ve recently taken interest in health and I'm trying to keep better care of myself. Life is so crazy that you have to treat your engine right”, stated Anya Taylor-Joy in an interview with Harper’s BAZAAR UK. She also declared that she'd been a vegetarian since she was eight and that she’s trying to stay vegan right now. 

Anya confessed that she isn’t very fond of working out. “I always start my day dancing. I put on my favorite three songs of the day and I just shake it up to them. I've found out that it's so good for my heart and my soul. I think if you're exercising, it shouldn’t feel like working out, it should feel like you're transmitting some kind of energy”.

She always carries her trusty pouch, where she keeps the most important things for her. She revealed its content: “I like to have a natural mineral from the Earth with me that allows me to reconnect and understand that I'm actually a tiny part of the universe and that whatever is going on in your life, it's gonna be okay”. The actress also carries a Palo Santo stick. As she’s frequently traveling around, she burns it in any hotel room to get her homely smell. 

"Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Dew is refreshing and delicate", Anya assured

In her beauty bag, she also has a couple of velvet scrunchies, usually in crazy colors, just to get her hair out of her face. Anya declared that she loved fragrances, and now she chose Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb Dew, which is refreshing and delicate. “In a fragrance, I look for something multilayer that worms with your skin. I feel that it's a lovely experience if you can spray something and have an initial reaction to it and that after a couple of hours, it becomes something else. I apply my perfume behind my ears, a drop on my heart center, and behind my knees, which really does works because when you walk it's always coming up and you smell like a movable bouquet”.

I use toner most of the time to cleanse my face with rose water or witch hazel. It does make your skin feel alive, and it feels really nice.

Anya shared her hair conditioning secrets: “I keep my hair healthy between coloring with a lot of work and love. I spent a Sunday every three months dyeing it root to tip silver. That's a bleaching process, so I use a lot of hair conditioners and I love Philip Kingsley’s Elasticizer and David Maller’s Hair Serum”.

When it comes to makeup, the actress pointed out that, although she's never learned to apply it herself, she's a big fan of using products in other places than it’s original purpose. “So I put some eyeshadow on my lips and then a little lip balm on top of it and that's my new lip color. I do love either dark purple or deep red”. Her favorite mascara is Hypnóse Lancome. It's a classic one, and she claimed that it really separates eyelashes. “I like that because they're really blond and I need them nice and dark”. 

"I keep my hair healthy between coloring with a lot of work and love"

At the end of the day, she finds her favorite time to relax. ”When I come home, I take a nice bath with salts and some rose essential oil drops on there. Then, I put on my really nice pajamas. I listen to Eddie James and sit down and read, and nobody talks to me, and I love it”.


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