Amy Adams´s favorite makeup tips and tricks

Who hasn’t wondered what´s Amy Adams' age or why hasn´t she aged a bit in the last 10 years. Well, it´s not because she is Dorian Gray´s daughter. It´s just that she knows what to do with her skin. Take a look.

Actress Amy Adams is one of the most beautiful women in the world. 

Amy has very fair skin. As her skin is so uniform and without imperfections, it is enough for her to apply a makeup foundation that suits her porcelain skin and some powder. 

As Amy Adams´ skin has no imperfections it is enough for her to apply a makeup foundation that suits her porcelain skin.

Amy is very favored by olive and khaki eyeshadows, but also gold and copper. When she goes to events or has to step on a red carpet, she usually opts for turquoise, lilac, or plum blue tones, and also substitutes her eyeshadows for an eyeliner that underlines her look.

As for blush, it seems that blushes in natural shades like coral, apricot, or peach add warmth to her cheeks. The same thing happens with lipsticks, of course, on big occasions she dares with a very bright red tone that feels great.

Blushes in natural shades like coral, apricot or peach add warmth to her cheeks.

Perhaps it is her beautiful red hair that catches everyone's attention the most. It does not matter if she wears it in a voluminous bun, in a long braid, or just lets it loose - Amy loves to wear it on the side - but I like it best when she combs it with salt water to create soft waves in the style of the great divas of the golden age of Hollywood.

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