Makeup and skincare recommendations by Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung's favorite makeup looks and skincare products

The British designer and TV presenter has repeatedly shown her love for makeup and skincare, and talked about her years of experimentations with many different looks and products. Here are some of her current go-to's when asked about her favorite beauty products.

If you're a big fan of Alexa Chung, or even if you've seen her once or twice, you'll surely remember her cat eye makeup look, her signature look at one point in time. However, she's confessed that she's worn it too often, which is why it's now "weird" for her to do it again.

Who hasn’t heard of Alexa Chung’s iconic cat eye makeup look? // Photo: Instagram

What you may not know, even if you're a member of her fanbase, are her bold looks back when she was younger. As a schooler, in the nineties, Alexa aimed for a Drew Barrymore-inspired look with bright blue eyeshadow and coffee shimmer lipstick. Totally crazy or completely brave?

Nowadays, she recommends her iconic red lipstick look. The fashion designer labels this item as an essential in everyone's makeup routine, as it helps achieve an interested and energized look.

Alexa Chung continues to amaze her fans with her famous red lipstick look // Photo: Instagram

What Alexa Chung loves the most about a bold, red lipstick is its effect. Even though it doesn't take much time to apply, it'll look as if you've made a big effort on your makeup. Isn't that an interesting lifehack?

When it comes to skincare products, she's leaning towards hydrating skincare. The presenter speaks wonders of lightweight serums -her trustworthy companions- and a signature scent that takes her back to her childhood spent horse-riding.

Once you've learned Alexa Chung's beauty go-to's, how are you planning on incorporating them into your own makeup and skincare routines?

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