5 Elements that Jennifer Lopez includes in her fitness routine

5 Fitness tips Jennifer Lopez swears by...and you should too

The singer Jennifer Lopez has been repeatedly praised for her healthy body, for which she’s constantly working. Of course, there are some specific fitness rules she follows to maintain her lifestyle, all of which can be adapted to your own life! Read on to learn some of them, including the way J.Lo eats and drinks to boost her body’s abilities when working out.

1. Consistent workout sessions go a long way

It shouldn't be a surprise to hear that exercise is one of Jennifer Lopez's priorities, as she needs to get her body ready for her amazing performances. The singer tries to keep a consistent workout schedule, never skipping a session. Her favorite time to squeeze in an hour of her chosen exercise is in the morning, before she starts her daily routine. If she couldn't get to the gym during the day, she's capable to work out at night just to avoid skipping a session!

Jennifer Lopez maintains a consistent workout session and she’ll try her best to avoid missing a workout! // Photo: Instagram

2. A good approach to working out will motivate you

One of the reasons why J.Lo doesn't skip an exercise session is that she constantly reminds herself how she feels after doing it. She loves going to the gym in the morning, as it'll give her the motivation and energy she'll need during the day. Even if she's tired, the singer will try to squeeze in some exercise by reminding herself how she'll feel revved up again afterward. Associating positive emotions with your workout will prevent you from skipping it and will help you get a more consistent schedule!

Find motivation in working out, just like J.Lo does, and you won’t feel the need to stop! // Photo: Instagram

3. A balanced and thoughtful diet to complement your workout

Jennifer Lopez is known for her consciously healthy diet, which doesn't rely on starving and doesn't focus on weight loss as the final goal. Instead, she chooses healthy and organic alternatives that'll fuel her body with the energy it needs to carry out her fitness sessions. Nutrient-rich foods, lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbs, and non-starchy vegetables are good and clean energy sources that help J.Lo achieve her rocking body. Even when she eats out she'll choose to take care of herself with healthy menu choices. These small changes are key to an overall healthier lifestyle!

Jennifer Lopez sees food as fuel that’ll provide her body with energy, which is why she pays close attention to her diet // Photo: Instagram

4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

Good hydration is one of Jennifer Lopez's musts. The singer and songwriter has repeatedly talked wonders about the effects of water on her body, including the positive consequences it has on her workout routine. She's explained how hydrating before exercising boosts her abilities and endurance, while drinking water afterward helps her body recover and be better prepared for the next workout. If you've ever seen one of J.Lo's performances, you'll realize that her seven water glasses a day surely pay off!

Hydrating before and after a workout session will improve your health and endurance, and Jennifer Lopez knows it // Photo: Instagram

5. Proteins are key to your muscles

The singer and songwriter don't neglect her muscles, as you may have noticed in her many performances. She goes for foods she deems "muscle fuel", which are protein-rich sources approved by her personal trainer Dodd Romero. Among her options, egg whites and chicken breasts stand out, both for their positive impact on J.Lo's muscles and their high satisfaction levels. What are you waiting for to include these foods in your diet?

Protein-rich foods are one of J.Lo’s favorites, as they provide her with muscle fuel for her exercise sessions // Photo: Instagram

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