This is Emily Ratajkowski's favorite mask

We know Emily's skin is to be envied and make your head turns. This is due to her skincare routine and this is her favorite mask. Let's see!

After conquering the world of social media, Emily Ratajkowski takes over the world of beauty by partnering with Loops. It was on her Instagram account, followed by more than 26 million people, that Emily Ratajkowski broke the news: she is becoming a partner and artistic director of Loops Beauty. Let's see what this is all about!

Glowing skin secured
This skincare brand straight from the United States specializes in unisex hydrogel face masks. It has a clean composition, without parabens, sulfates and phthalates and specific actions, inspired by the lifestyle of the super active: "Double Take", designed to increase shine before a big party, "Clean Slate", to purify the skin after a workout or even 'Night Shift', to deeply hydrate cells before a night of rest.

Loop's alliance with EmRata
The alliance between the queen of Instagram and the beauty brand was made quickly, since it was during the confinement, with her husband Sebastian Bear-McClard and friends, that Emily Ratajkowski tried these masks for the first time. So the proof of a real crush on the part of Emily who claims to be obsessed with all these masks.

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