Zendaya shares the best way to get in shape without going to the gym

Zendaya shares the best way to get in shape without going to the gym

The successful actress and singer shares some secrets to staying in shape without going to the gym. She looks great, with a toned and beautiful body.

The 23 years old is known for her talent, she has worked for Disney, HBO, and has even been nominated for the 2020 Emmy.

Zendaya sings, performs and has a great body that she maintains through exercise and a balanced vegetarian diet.

She has confessed that she doesn't like gyms much, but her secret to staying in shape is dancing.

Zendaya claims that her biggest exercise is dancing. She also practices yoga and sometimes strength training at home.

Without a doubt, dance is a complete workout with which to tone up, burn calories and reduce stress. Intense dancing is very beneficial for the heart, promotes flexibility and endurance and when performed in a group it helps to avoid social isolation.

If you want to get the benefits without leaving home, you can also train from your living room with very fun dance routines and 100% free on Youtube.


It's the best way to exercise while having fun, to avoid laziness, and to get in shape like Zendaya does: without going to the gym.

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