Yoga, Pilates and a balanced diet: That is Lea Michele's daily routine

Actress and singer Lea Michele, stays active in times of quarantine to protect her body and mind.

The actress who became known in the series Glee, is just a few months away from becoming a mother for the first time, and she maintains healthy habits for her health.

In the few pictures of her pregnancy that we have seen, the actress looks very healthy in her advanced state of pregnancy. She takes care of her health and her physique.

The actress maintains healthy habits such as walking, hiking, playing paddle, surfing, Yoga and Pilates classes.

Lea Michele focuses on eating healthy and staying active. She is physically active every day and feels great about her body.

She tries to train every day, and if she can't make it to one of her classes, she goes for walks in the mountains, swims in her pool, does water sports during the holidays, or goes running.

Lea Michele knows that the key to being healthy is exercise, good nutrition and other healthy habits such as resting well and drinking lots of water.

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