Amazing: That's Jennifer Lopez's workout routine

Workout like Jennifer Lopez. Here's what you need to know!

Jennifer Lopez has a healthy body and is admired for her beauty all over the world. However, to stay in shape she maintains an intense daily workout routine.

The renowned singer has a very extensive professional agenda, yet she takes time out each day to exercise.

Jennifer and her partner, Alex Rodriguez, a former professional baseball player, maintain a way of training that makes them a reference in the fitness world.

Jennifer Lopez's intense exercise routine that you could try at home: it only lasts 20 minutes, however, but it has allowed the artist to maintain a healthy body, accompanied by a balanced diet as well.

"You could try these exercises at home, even if you don't have this equipment. You can use tin cans, detergent, anything instead of weights!"

Amazing: That's Jennifer Lopez's workout routine

The training routine consists of High Intensity Interval Training, which is one of the most effective ways to improve endurance and burn fat. The training combines short periods of very intense cardiovascular training with others of moderate or low intensity.

Cardio is not the only exercise that helps you lose weight, so Jennifer Lopez has chosen to include weight-training fitness into her routine: dumbbell sit-up, dumbbell rowing, dumbbell chest press, sitting shoulder press or weighted hip push are some of the exercises she does every day.

Without losing her smile, the singer performs this sport of strength accompanied by Álex Rodríguez. Both remain strong and healthy in this quarantine.

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