What you’re not doing after exercise, but should What you’re not doing after exercise, but should

What you’re not doing after exercise, but should

Sometimes you ask yourself why you don't see great results in your body, even though you train very hard. The reason for this may be something you are not doing after your workout that you should!

Your post-workout recovery. Maybe it's because we are hell-bent on pushing our limits, or maybe it's because many of us think of "rest" as a passive activity. In either case, we should aspire to have the same purpose in our recovery as in everything else in our lives.

Post-workout recovery

What you're not doing after exercise, but should

Listen to your body

Overtraining can make it difficult to achieve your fitness goals, so if you feel particularly weak, tired or uninterested in your routine, consider taking a short break. It would be a big disservice to ignore the signals your body is giving you.

Eat Healthily

Try to eat something that can help replenish your body's muscles after training. By eating protein and carbohydrates after exercise, your body will be able to repair itself faster.



Water supports all the metabolic and nutrient transfer functions of your body, including the regulation of body temperature, lubrication of the joints and contribution to feel fuller for longer.

Focus on active recovery

One of the best ways to maximize recovery time is to make a slight movement between sweat sessions. Taking a walk during lunch, doing some non-strenuous yoga stretches, or just a few minutes of bike training can help.

Focus on active recovery

If you don't stretch before your workouts, you should start. Keep these tips in mind so that your muscles can recover faster and you can notice the progress of your workout.

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