Eat these foods depending on the type of workout you'll do

What you should eat according to which type of exercise you’ll face

Working out demands extra energy from your body. You should eat accordingly before facing any kind of sports session. This said, your diet should be planned by taking the effort you need to make into account. 

Hydration is the key

No matter what sport you practice or what exercise you choose to do, the most important ingredient in your diet should be water. You must stay hydrated in order to prevent headaches and other injuries. Almost every beverage is appropriate for this purpose: isotonic drinks, iced tea, fruit juices, etc.

You must stay hydrated in order to prevent headaches and other injuries

What not to eat before exercising

If you’re about to work out, don't eat foods that take a long time to digest, like high-fiber raw vegetables and big salads. It's also recommended to avoid high-fat foods, especially greasy fats. Remember, when the digestive process is ongoing, all your organs are focused on this task. If you interrupt it to start a workout session, you'll probably suffer the consequences.

If you run...

Before going for a run, you should incorporate easily digestible carbs like bananas, energy gels, or a bite of a granola bar. Your last meal before working out should contain a combination of carbs and protein. If you're going to face a long-term run, longer than an hour, you should take with you a handful of pretzels, dried fruit, and a granola bar.

Your last meal before running should contain a combination of carbs and protein

If you practice yoga...

You can pick simple and energizing snacks for the best feeding before your yoga session. Fruits, nut butter, and hummus with some crackers are good options to combine in the meals previous to your yoga practices.

If you’re a fan of HITT...

Not only professional athletes choose the High-Intensity Tactical Training Program, but also lots of amateurs like to practice it. As these exercises are very energy-demanding, your meals should fulfill all their needs. You can combine oatmeal with nut butter and berries, lean chicken and brown rice, or eggs with whole wheat toast.

Final word

If you want to enjoy all the benefits from your sport session, take your time to stretch before and after working out. You should also maintain healthy habits and sleep properly, between 7 and 8 hours per day. Combining these routines with healthy eating according to your workouts will improve your exercise and life!

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