What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is about giving tools and accompanying people in the process of increasing their well-being and happiness. Diet and other aspects that impact on our health are considered too.

If your goal is to lose weight or develop better nutrition, a health coach listens to your concerns and supports you as you run the world to figure out exactly what works for your soul and body.

Feel happier living a healthy lifestyle.

Improve your self-discipline
According to the habit that you want to improve, understand that it requires discipline, decision and perseverance. Changing a habit is a process, not a final destination. You can start from where you are and don't underestimate the value of small steps.

Don't resist change, embrace it
It's important that we are clear about the change we want to achieve. To be able to connect with the feeling in the body of what that change brings. When you connect with that feeling you give life a surprise. If your goal is related to workout, focus on how you want that activity makes you feel: light, energetic, strong, flexible, confident. So whether do yoga, pilates or running, you should ask yourself: How do I want to feel this activity?

Workout increases endorphins, dopamine, adrenaline, chemicals associated with feeling happy.

A positive attitude is a key
Try different options of activities until you find the one that motivates you. Focus on how you want to feel to generate a beautiful experience. If you find it difficult to train you should do a ritual. Your ritual can be: look good when exercising. This is an attitude towards training.

Connect with that feeling makes feel healthier.

If you feel better, you make it better
There are different pillars that nurture your life such as food, rest, physical activity, the relationship between work and leisure and spirituality. All of these areas are connected. If you focus on improving one of them, this attitude will immediately affect the others. Because we are energy and vibration. So if you start to feel different, you will be vibrating differently.

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