Train your upper body at home: no equipment required!

Training at home is a challenge for many because they are not used to it. However it is easy to follow an arm routine at home, using only your own body to achieve excellent results.

To train all your arm muscles, including your biceps, triceps, forearms and shoulders, without the use of machines or expensive equipment, is possible. You can achieve amazing results using just your body weight.

Train your upper body at home: no equipment required!

Among the elements that we can use at home we find a chair or bench, as well as a towel or a mat if we want to have something more than the floor itself to support our hands.

Using your body weight and some objects that we find in every house, we can exercise the muscles of the arms by means of the following exercises:

Push up- Dips
Training Routine: How to get arms like Zac Efron training at home without equipment?

Clearly the push ups and their variations are great allies when exercising the arm muscles at home, using only our own body weight.

Like every muscle workout we do, training at home requires some planning, so we recommend working the arms with the exercises given above about two or three times a week, respecting at least one day of rest between each of them.

A final piece of advice is to complement arm work with a complete workout and aerobic exercises, as well as good diet and hydration, to achieve the desired results.

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